Recreational vehicle insurance

Insure your recreational vehicle with Desjardins

Made-to-measure protection comes with made-to-measure benefits for your RV. And because all drivers are different, you can tailor your insurance to get the coverage you really need.

  • Motorcycle insurance

    Ride Quebec's roads knowing you're well protected! We know what's important to you. That's why we offer you made-to-measure coverage
  • Snowmobile Insurance

    Hit the snowmobile trails with confidence: we offer some of the most popular coverage on the market!
  • All-terrain vehicle

    Hit your favourite trails in safe hands! You love your ATV, so choose an insurer that recognizes the value of your investment!

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Why choose Desjardins

for your recreational vehicles?

  • By choosing Desjardins, you’re making a difference in your own life and in the lives of others. It’s about being a part of a cooperative movement that not only supports your goals and dreams, but also the community around you.

  • We are one of the biggest home and auto insurers in Quebec

  • Multi-Vehicle Savings – 10% if you insure more than one recreational vehicle or if you also insure your car with us

  • Save even more by bundling your home and auto insurance.

    • Up to 15% on your property insurance when you insure your car with us too.
    • Desjardins Legal Assistance at no extra charge.
    • Trouble-Free Option® at no extra charge.
    • Pay only one deductible (the higher one) if the same event damages both your home and car.
  • With the new Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app, it’s easy to manage your insurance and access all your services.

® Trouble-Free Option is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.